Marketing Case Study

Samara is a successful marketing consultant who works with multiple clients, on multiple projects, at any one time. As such, connectivity and time management are core themes that underline her work. 

Samara connects with clients and subcontractors throughout the day via email, Zoom calls, project management software, or lengthly phone conversations. With every new client, or any project she wraps up, Samara experiences repetition in her communication - whether it’s delivering an onboarding series of contracts and documents; requesting information to form a brief; handing over a project or talking the client through new technology. 

Overtime Samara has accrued a large body of tacit knowledge, models and templates that she shares with her clients. Sourcing the relevant file amongst her many devices, and individually sharing with each client also proves ineffective. 

This relentless demand for connectivity and timely communication affects Samara’s workflow each day. Every unexpected call or email that needs attending will detract from pressing deadlines and a busy schedule - despite her best efforts to manage her time efficiently. 

Her busy schedule also means that personal development and interests are often neglected. Even when she has an ‘aha!’ moment throughout the day, there’s little time and no formalised location to document the insight. She could write it in her notes app, scrawl it on a Post-It, or even add a voice memo. But unless it’s stored somewhere specific, it’s likely to be lost or forgotten over time.

Samara now uses myhaventime to store important information, knowledge and IP in an organised, secure and easily accessible location. This information can be filed into specific rooms

Enabling the team functionality in a given room allows multiple users to access the content within. Samara has developed two team roomsOn-boarding Series Room and Shopify Handover Room. Rather than conversing with each client individually, Samara now grants access to these rooms to save manually sharing this information with each respective client. 

myhaventime supports multiple media, so Samara can upload editable documents, PDFs, instructional videos and more.

By using the application to store and share knowledge with clients, myhaventime reduces the amount of direct client communication, and negates the need for repetitive processes with each client. This also means more uninterrupted time in the day to work towards and meet deadlines.

Samara has also activated the myhaventime Virtual Learning Coach to remind her to add to her rooms on a more frequent basis. This is especially useful as Samara typically delegates little time to personal growth and professional development in her busy schedule. The Virtual Learning Coach prompts Samara to add to her personal rooms and explore her interests and learning outside of work, making lifelong learning more habitual.