How to use myhaventime

myhaventime is a space to curate your extraordinary knowledge, learning and insights. Allow us to walk you through some of our most useful tools so you can begin your learning journey...


A room is a space for you to house knowledge, add content and collate ideas. myhaventime allows for you to create an unlimited number of rooms. This means you can create a space for each and every one of your personal and professional interests. To create a room, simply click Create New Room, upload a cover image, title and description. Click save!

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We refer to our very best knowledge, resources and insights as gems. Gems can be uploaded in any format - images, videos, documents and websites - for a richer learning experience. The more gems you collate within a room overtime, the deeper your insights and knowledge becomes.

To upload a gem, enter your room and click into the field that says 'Click here to add content into myhaventime, eg. document, image, link, etc'. Here you can upload your files or insert a URL to websites, videos or documents from the web. Add a thought or note and click save.


Add notes directly into your room by selecting the pencil icon in the add content box. This allows you to easily capture your best ideas, 'aha moments' or findings on a given topic while they're fresh in the mind.

Gem Reminders

Gem reminders can be set by clicking the green head icon when editing a gem. This is especially useful when working on a time-sensitive project which requires you to revisit or revise a gem within a given period. Just specify your time and date, and myhaventime will email you a reminder!

Virtual Learning Coach

myhaventime's Virtual Learning Coach can be enabled to prompt regular revisits or contributions to your rooms which is important for anyone who wants to prioritise their personal and professional development. To turn on the Virtual Learning Coach, simply click the head icon at the top of the myhaventime app. Choose your reminder interval and the coach will send you an email reminder.

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Team Rooms

Team Rooms allow for multiple users to contribute to the one room or gem, so together they can collaborate, learn and expand upon their knowledge. This is particularly useful for teamwork in a corporate or organisational setting, or project work for students. To start a Team Room, click the Go to teams button in the top banner of your app.

Navigating between Personal and Teams Rooms

Based on your feedback, our new navigation system makes switching between personal and team rooms clearer and easier. Just click on Personal or Teams in the navigation to switch between the two.

Moving Between Gems

Once you are within a room, move between gems easily by clicking the dropdown in navigation. We understand that learning, brainstorming and ideation are not linear, so we created this function to help you explore your best ideas more seamlessly and naturally.

Team Chat

myhaventime's Team Chat function ensures all dialogue related to a project is kept within the confines of that particular room, so the entire developmental process is documented and retrievable in future instead of scattered across emails and multiple platforms! To access chat in a Team room, simply click the speech bubble icon and begin your conversation.

Chat Updates

If you're using myhaventime Teams, 48 hour activity notifications can be enabled to stay abreast of all communication. If enabled, you will receive a simple summary of your team chat every 48 hours so you can conveniently view and respond to your team to keep the collaboration rolling. Simply toggle notifications on or off via your profile.

Turn tool tips, videos and boards on or off

Customise your myhaventime experience by toggling on and off the boards, tool tips and videos you want to see (or hide). Simply visit the new preferences section to set up your myhaventime room — just as you like it.

Access these videos at any time

Our series of how-to videos are available at anytime by clicking the video icon in the app to ensure you get the most of the myhaventime platform.

Need some help?

We have tried our hardest to make myhaventime simple and intuitive, however if you're unsure about any functionality please email our friendly support team here.