Our new myhabit Tracker is a tool designed in consultation with high performance coaches to help you set goals, form habits and achieve your full potential. Habits take focused energy, time and practice to form. Research shows that to form a new habit, it needs to be practiced consistently for 21 to 66 days (Scully, E., 2019, myhabit tracker enables you to set-up your habit, set a goal and measure progress daily, weekly and monthly.

A secure space for learning, productivity and growth.

How to set up myhabit

Step 1: Sign-up to your free myhaventime trial
Step 2: Access myhabit on your personal platform
Step 3: Set up a habit goal
Step 4: Track your progress and reach your goals
Step 5 : Celebrate goal achievement

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Inspiration for habit-building

myhaventime for professional & personal use

Built in conjunction with executive coaches who recognise the need for growth and investment in all aspects of life, myhaventime is made for diverse learning and development.As an illustration this article explores myhaventime’s key tools and how they can be used in both personal and professional contexts. 

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Changing the trajectory of our lives with keystone habits

Positive habit building is challenging (why else would there be over 609 Results for ''habits"' in Booktopia’s Self-Help & Personal Development!) but there is one way to make more effective, impactful and wide-reaching behavioural changes: keystone habits.

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myhaventime plans

myhaventime free plan


  • ✓ Up to 2 personal rooms
    ✓ Up to 3 gems per room
    ✓ 1 team room
myhaventime mindfulness plan


  • ✓ Up to 5 personal rooms
    ✓ Up to 5 gems per room
    ✓ Up to 3 team rooms
    ✓ 2 standard rooms —Wellbeing and Leadership
    ✓ Virtual learning coach
    ✓ myhabit tracker
AUD $5.50
Per user, per month.


  • ✓ Unlimited personal rooms
    ✓ Unlimited gems
    ✓ Unlimited team rooms
  • ✓ 4 standard rooms —Wellbeing, Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    ✓ Virtual learning coach
    ✓ myhabit tracker
AUD $9.90
Per user, per month.
If you choose to cancel your membership you can download your data and access your myhaventime for an additional 1 month.
After 1 month all your data will be deleted.