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myhaventime is a mindful multimedia platform for high performers and lifelong learners to curate their favourite knowledge, learning and insights in a single, secure and calm location. myhaventime encourages focus, innovation, learning and the sharing of new ideas unlike any other platform.
Team rooms within the myhaven application

Personalised Rooms

to house knowledge, add content and collate ideas of your knowledge and insights.
Two colleagues collaborating with myhaven

Team Rooms

for collaboration, and to foster shared knowledge and learning
How to upload a file using myhaven

Upload images & files

myhaventime supports all common file types including JPGs, PDFs, Word, Excel, mp3 and mp4.
myhaven's virtual learning coach to prompt new insights

Virtual learning coach

to encourage ongoing uploads and learning.

Grow with others

Allow your knowledge and insights to grow with the input of others. Collaborate with others for more effective ideation, learning and creative thinking. Organise ideas, share knowledge, collaborate, plan, brainstorm and collectively learn with teams, family and friends.

Your favourite spaces

myhaventime grows as you grow, just asknowledge and insights grow with the input of others. With myhaventime you can collaborate, brainstorm, ideate and collectively learn with teams, family and friends.
myhaventime rooms

A secure place for growth

  • Unlike other social media and sharing platforms, myhaventime has no advertising and your data is 100% secure and never sold to 3rd parties
  • A calm and simple interface designed to collate, archive and develop insights away from the white noise of daily life
  • A mindful multimedia platform designed for conscious life long learning, personal growth and professional development

myhaventime Plans

myhaven personal plans


For high-performing individuals pursuing their passions, personal development and professional growth.

✓ Unlimited personal rooms
✓ Virtual coach
✓ Journal to curate
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myhaven team plans


Collaborative learning, project management and knowledge sharing for peers, teams, families or friends.

✓ Unlimited rooms
✓ One subscription for up to X people
✓ Unlimited shared rooms
✓ Unlimited teams
✓ Chat functionality
✓ Virtual coach
✓ Journal to curate
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