Capture creativity and focus your mind

myhaventime is a mindful multimedia platform designed to capture your creativity, help you focus, learn and perform.
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myhaventime is a place for productive lifelong learning


Designed to support and foster lifelong learning through a productive learning environment. Enable the virtual learning coach for enhanced learning.
myhaventime is a place for creativity and curiosity


A place for creativity and meaningful exploration of the things that pique our curiosity, enrich our minds and inspire us.
myhaventime is a place for deep work, focus, and thinking without distraction


A simple and intuitive interface without advertising or distraction so you can think, focus and work optimally.
myhaventime is a mindful multimedia platform to collate all of the files that inspire big ideas


Capture and collate the images, documents, files and links that inspire your big ideas. All common filetypes are accepted.
No credit card required

Unique learning for creative individuals

myhaventime is not merely an app for optimisation, professional growth, or ticking goals. It is for the impactful pursuits of lifelong learning, personal development, curiosity and creativity. ​It is a place to house and explore your diverse and multiple interests, store your knowledge, create and ideate.

myhaventime in use

'Since using myhaventime I reflect and journal more, have grown my knowledge on my favourite interests which has led to my own personal growth and more positive impact on my family and work colleagues.'

Emily, myhaventime user

'myhaventime teams has been productive and efficient to work with my coaching clients all our resources, communication in 1 team room to build upon, reflect and learn and grow.'

anthony, myhaventime user

'Especially in these lockdown times myhaventime teams has allowed me to connect with friends, share fun ideas, events experiences and plan things together.'

Sandra, myhaventime user

A secure place for growth

  • Unlike other social media and sharing platforms, myhaventime has no advertising and your data is 100% secure and never sold to 3rd parties
  • A calm and simple interface designed to collate, archive and develop insights away from the white noise of daily life
  • A mindful multimedia platform designed for conscious life long learning, personal growth and professional development
Enhance your learning further

Try myhaventime teams

myhaventime teams allows you to collaborate with others for more effective ideation, learning and creative thinking. Organise ideas, share knowledge, collaborate, plan, brainstorm and collectively learn with teams, family and friends.
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