Autumn Reflection

 The colours of the leaves have changed, the cooler mornings, and days are setting in – Autumn is here.

With a new season brings a new opportunity for us to reflect on our practices and habits. Autumn is all about shedding what we no longer need to prepare for the months ahead.

The excitement of a ‘New Year’ often means that January and February brings a rush of new habits and goals. As we’re five months into the year, now is a great time to reflect on your practices and shed what no longer serves you.

Do my practices enrich my life? Are they integrating seamlessly or just not working?

Did you know that 43% of the actions that we do everyday happen habitually without even thinking?

A new practice can take time to become part of your regular routine, it requires “patience, self-discipline, and commitment”. For example, if you’ve set a goal to practice five minutes of meditation each day, the more consistently you do this the more likely it will become a regular habit. 

Sometimes however, no matter how much we try, a new practice just won’t work for you – and that’s okay! If it’s more effort than it’s worth, give yourself permission to shed this habit as its not enriching your life. Doing so will make space for more positive experiences, practices and habits.

“Any long-term change is going to take time. That’s just the reality. There will be ups and downs. But you are capable, and if you’ve made it this far, you are also prepared.” - Kristi DePaul. 

Activity: Autumn Audit

 Step 1: Make a list of your practices and habits.

Step 2: Have a respectful and honest conversation with yourself on each one. Keep your mind set future-focused while you do this. It will help you focus on next steps and prevent negative self-reflection. Ask yourself:

  • Are you enjoying the habit or practice? Does it bring you value or does it feel like a chore?
  • What is your energy level after completing the practice? Is it higher, lower or neutral?
  • Do you want to keep doing it?

Step 3: Clean up your list

  • Make a new list and be ok with letting practices go.

Our blog “Harness ThePower Of 3 To Reflect, Release and Renew” provides effective tool to help you break down your experiences and habits, and think about what we want to let go of, change, and bring forward.

Something To Remember

myhaventime is here to support you throughout anything you experience in life. In addition to habits and practices, you can also use myhaventime as place to consolidate your thoughts and keep important information.

Sometimes we just need a place to breathe – note down what we need to know to help clear our minds and reflect on how life can make us feel.

You can use myhaventime to set up a journal that you can jump in and out of anytime, wherever you are.

Myhaventime Update

 We’re excited to announce a new update to myhaventime. Now you can now easily share your Gems to anyone you want –in the myhaventime community, even if they are outside of your Team!

This feature is a great option to allow you to share those special pieces of tacit knowledge to help enrich the experiences of anyone within your community.

We’ve created the below video to show you how you can share your Gems or access those that have been shared with you. We hope you enjoy this new feature!

To reflect and capture your goals, try myhaventime for yourself, free for 14 days. Register now!

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