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Many times, in my life I have been fortunate to have inspiring moments and inspiring experiences.  When I was 16 my Year 11 coordinator simply asked me what I wanted to do in my life…at that time I didn’t think I had a choice and that was a pivotal point in my life which changed me forever.

I remember seeing the late Stephen Covey speak in my hometown in Melbourne – when he shared his view on the purpose of life is to – live, learn, love and leave a legacy. I will always remember the feeling I had that day, I felt like I was flying, and that day changed me forever.

When I was going through IVF, it was a difficult time and very painful to talk about.  Many people would ask me about why I didn’t have children, I dreaded the questions.  At a Transpersonal Coaching Conference run by the late Sir John Whitmore, a participant asked me the dreaded question.  I paused and was honest and shared that I had lost many embryos.  John Rietveld asked me directly if I had prayed for myself to have a child.  It was a confronting question as back then all my prayers were for others and not myself.  We then found a park bench in the middle of commission houses in Fitzroy and he prayed for me.  I connected to something higher than myself and that day changed my life forever.

One of my recent times I was inspired I was at the Foo Fighters concert in Geelong, March 4th, 2022. The night was extraordinary in so many ways, first open-air concert with 25,000 people post Covid lockdowns, we travelled 2 hours after work on a Friday night to get there, we were soaking wet with continuous pulsating rain...I was with my husband, daughter and dear friends.

The most impressive part was Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins and the rest of the band's soul igniting sound. The first song was Times Like These (We learn to live again), so poignant at this time. I felt a rush of life flow through me, what I hadn't felt for years. Taylor Hawkins smashing drums resonated in my heart and body, powerfully waking me up from my pandemic sleep. My 'aha' moment which for me is a 'wow wee' moment was the power of live music and thousands of people in concert singing, dancing together. I was so in that moment, so present so very alive. For me music and performing has always been such an enriching part of living and this reminded me to value it again and ensure it is a priority in my life.  I reconnected with my passion of performance and that night changed my life forever.

To receive the news of Taylor Hawkins untimely death is incomprehensible. He played and sang with such light and power, his music will live forever.

I recently reviewed a quote in a Tim Denning article - The Greatest Stoics Swear by These Seven Uncommon Quotes ‘People are frugal in guarding their personal property. But as soon as it comes to squandering time, they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy’ — Seneca

Our time on this earth, in our bodies is finite.  We protect our shiny possessions more than our most precious resource – our personal time. Let’s not use our time up mindlessly, use our time mindfully to be our best versions of ourselves. Learn to live fully again and be inspired.

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