Be Kind Today

There are many different ways that the act of caring can present itself in our society. During the pandemic, care within our personal circles came from family, friends, and neighbours. We had a renewed sense of caring for our community. We did what we could to support local businesses. We witnessed in awe our healthcare workers working incredibly hard to keep us all safe.

As we move forward, we must remember how beneficial, and life changing care and kindness can be to our world. Not only can it make an immeasurable difference to the recipient, but being kind also has big benefits to our mental health and wellbeing. Authors Inagaki and Orehek in 'Current Directions in Psychological Science' points to a growing body of evidence that providing care leads to reduced stress, increased happiness, and increased sense of social connectedness.  Post the pandemic we need people who are well, happy and feel a true sense of belonging to re-engage fully with life again. Being able to trust life again is challenging for many.  

I sent more care packages to friends and families in lock down than ever before in my life. We all know how it feels when we receive care in any shape or form, from a smile, kind note or text to a care hamper with purpose and meaning. At my lowest times in my life care has found me in the most unusual ways.  From a dear neighbour dropping off food, to a considered client sending me flowers to a dear friend giving me permission to be vulnerable and to listen with unconditional love.  It is the small things that can make the most impact to people’s lives.  A parent volunteering to pick up your child when you are in hospital, a colleague staying back to support you finish off a deadline, a family member volunteering to take care of your pet when you are away.

As a family project we created our own wellness care hampers. It gave us a creative outlet and purpose.  Each hamper was packed with love by my husband and daughter and supervised by our dog Bella. The creative act of developing wellness care hampers gave us great joy.

myhaventime wellbeing gift hamper

The acts of care and kindness can also creative a positive ripple in our world. The Mental Floss Article highlighted 7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others. One of the benefits listed was “altruism is contagious”, so when we act generously it can encourage others to do the same.

In a world where we can be anything – be kind and pay any kindness received forward.

Take a moment to reflect:

  • Who cares for you?
  • Who do you care for?
  • When was the last time you truly cared for yourself?

Set yourself a goal to perform one act of random kindness, your action could change someone's world.

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