myhaventime For Your Small Business Practice Or Side Hustle

As small business owners, we know that you wear many different hats and juggle various tasks each day. Having a tool available that is simple, free of noise and helps you to manage everything better can make a world of difference. 

We created myhaventime as we saw a gap in the market for a solution that didn’t overcomplicate our world but instead provided us with an easy-to-use, flexible and collaborative space to manage our practices. 

While myhaventime is here to support your personal development, it can be used daily to help you grow and pursue your small business endeavours.

Best Practice Examples

Coach Supporting Learning & Development For Clients

For nearly 20 years Samara has built and run a successful coaching practice.  Over those years she has juggled many roles including CEO, Strategist, Sales Rep, Marketing Co-ordinator, Bookkeeper, Coach/Advisor, Office Cleaner…

Samara has been using myhaventime for 2 years. Samara uses myhaventime to capture and organise her own learning and development; her favourite articles, videos, and reference tools are organised into logical learning rooms to help her be more efficient and effective in her professional and personal development. 

Samara uses the Groups features to create dedicated rooms for all her coaching clients and key suppliers and partners.  The coaching rooms can only be utilised by the Coach and Client and is a dedicated space for the client’s learning, development, goals, actions and coaching development.  The dedicated room provides for all thinking, learning, reflection and progress to be captured and stored in 1 place. The Group features allow for messaging, so all communication is also in the same group room.  Relevant tools and references can be uploaded and saved in the room for the client to reflect on and re-use in their own time.  

The myhaventime App has helped Samara’s focus and her ability to provide a more enriching learning experience to her clients.  The App has enabled her to work with record numbers of clients and work fewer days.

Marketing Consultant Working With Multiple Clients

Since starting her own marketing consultancy business, Bec needed a tool to easily create a space where she could store documents and important notes, share information and collaborate with each client. It was critical that the tool be simple to navigate and free from distraction to make it more likely that her clients would use it too.

She chose myhaventime as she found that all the other tools were overly complicated for a small business and too difficult for her clients to adopt. With myhaventime, she can easily create a room for as many clients as she likes (without having to pay more to get more). Even better, the login process for her clients is simple, and they can access the platform for free. All they need to do is create a login, and they’re ready to go!

Guitarist Starting A Music School

Side hustles come in many different forms! Turning your passion into a side hustle, however, requires consistent practice and organisation. Trevor, an English teacher for the last 20 years, decided to turn his love of playing the guitar into a side hustle and start teaching music lessons.

Luckily, he knows a lot about the level of organisation needed to help people learn, keep track of their progress and share knowledge. He chose myhaventime as it provided him with a space to not only store knowledge to develop his own skills, but with the small business subscription, he can create a room for each one of his students. He uses each room to share:

  • Music for his students to practice
  • Notes of skills and exercises that he’d like them to work on
  • Inspirational music and music videos

Trevor then created additional rooms for his use to store lesson plans, notes on each student's practice and progress, and fee and payment records.

Do you have a small business or side hustle that you’d like to start? To help you manage your practice, try myhaventime for yourself, free for 14 days. Register now!

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