A Day in the Life of Siena: Knowledge management for inspiration, ideation and creative thinking

Student using myhaven for knowledge management and creativity
Introducing Siena, year twelve student with a passion for film making.

We start the day with year twelve student Siena as she makes her way to school. Siena leaves home at 7:45, leaving just enough time to stop at her local coffee shop to pick up a coffee in her keep cup en route to class. 

She then boards the train, finding herself a seat before she settles in for the journey. Headphones in, she spends time browsing Instagram… then Tiktok… She saves a couple of images in the app for future reference and screenshots another. 

Arriving at school, and in class by 9am Siena has two periods before her first break. As Siena is in her final year, all of her classes are underscored by the pressure of looming VCE exams. 

A place for creative thinking, continuous learning and storing important information

After years of scrawling ad hoc notes in her school diaries, exercise books, and sporadically adding dates into her laptop’s calendar, Siena knows well the importance of consolidating key information and dates for assessments into one secure location. 

For this, Siena uses myhaventime

Siena previously stored key information across multiple devices and location - meaning a time consuming search each time she needed a certain file or piece of information. 

Having created ‘rooms’ for each of her subjects, the most important information from every class is documented in one place. As myhaventime supports multiple media, Siena uploads everything from PDFs to Powerpoint presentations to videos to brief notes… whatever information or document is required to bolster her learning experience and ensure she doesn’t skip a beat when exams roll around. 

Feeling overloaded, a break at 10:30 couldn’t come sooner. Siena gets some reprieve catching up with friends, scrolling through her phone and eating morning tea in the sunshine. Her friend shows her a new track she found on Spotify that would be perfect for the passion project they’re working on. Siena opens myhaventime and embeds the link to the song within their ‘Film Project’ team room. More on that later, but for now they return to class. 

Sharing important information in a secure environment 

Of the next three periods one in particular piqued Siena’s interest. It was a homeroom session where the school’s ‘wellness team’ came and spoke to the class. It seems that feelings of stress and anxiety are ubiquitous amongst their cohort, exacerbated by the pressures of looming exams and the prospect of remote learning. 

The wellness team invited all students to visit the myhaventime team room ‘Wellness Tips for Year 12 Students’, which housed a number of resources including guided meditation videos, mental health and wellness information from organisations like Headspace, as well as the links to online and phone services. 

A room with team functionality means that any staff and students with access can contribute if they have feedback, a question, or a resource to add that will enrich the knowledge base. Siena sees that a number of her peers have already shared their go-to resources with the group.

Student on laptop uses myhaven to store important wellness information
A school can share wellness tips and resources in a team room to foster dialogue and awareness around mental health amongst their students.

Remote team work and collaboration from afar

The class breaks for lunch around 1:00pm. Siena and her friend go to the art department to use the larger monitors for their passion project: a collaborative film that they plan to shoot in the upcoming holiday. 

Siena’s greatest passion is filmmaking, so much so she has applied for a degree in screen and media for the following year. It’s important to Siena to invest time in her filmmaking to develop knowledge in this space before embarking on her tertiary education.

They also collaborate on the project with friends from other schools. With the demands of year twelve increasing, they have less time to meet in-person and as a consequence the project has slowed. To overcome the distance, all those involved on the project collaborate in the ‘Film Project’ team room where they can easily share inspiration, chat, ideate and collaborate.

Students collaborating remotely using myhaven to streamline file sharing and communication
Meeting face-to-face to work on collaborative projects has become difficult. Instead, Siena and her friends have shifted to a team room to share ideas, inspiration, chat, collaborate and grow ideas.

Storing your best ideas, inspiration and insights  

After lunch and another few sessions, Siena returns home for an evening of homework. But not before she has some downtime, watching an episode of her favourite show whilst scrolling through social media. To call this mindless behaviour is a misconception, because Siena is constantly absorbing and processing information from the world around her, from which she develops fresh insights and ideas. 

For someone who consumes considerable amounts of media and is constantly inspired by the things she sees, hears, watches and reads, myhaventime has created a simple structure for knowledge management. Before Siena would jot notes or save files wherever was convenient between her laptop, smartphone, social media accounts, school database, Google Drive or emails. Now she uses myhaventime as a centralised location to store key knowledge and learnings from school, collate information for projects, and store inspiration for her upcoming creative endeavours.

For any given subject or project, she no longer searches across multiple devices for the file she needs. Siena’s processes are more efficient, meaning she spends more time on being creative and focused, and less time searching through her devices to find things.

Are you a student looking for a better way to store and grow upon your learnings? Or looking to explore your passions and personal development outside of school? 

Are you a teacher looking for another tool to streamline your teaching or communication with your students? Do you have engaging resources but no simple way to share or engage with your students?

Try myhaventime for yourself with our free 30 day trial. Register now!

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