Your place on the A-Team:
myhaventime, an app for coaches

The last two years have given rise to monumental shifts in our professional and personal lives. 

We’ve seen an exodus from capital cities to regional towns as Australians seek a simpler life. The US is experiencing ‘The Great Resignation’ in which 3 percent of their working population quit their jobs in September 2021. And globally many more are considering career changes (as many as 25 percent more workers may need to switch occupations due to pandemic-accelerated trends). 

Reevaluating one’s life requires ample consideration and guidance at the best of times — let alone in this volatile and uncertain atmosphere.

When it comes to athletes, entrepreneurs and other high-performers, an A-team or entourage of executive coaches, sponsors, lawyers, trainers are assembled to help these individuals navigate both large and small decisions in order to live and perform at their highest level. 

The reality is, everyone needs an A-team. 
And as a coach you are an integral member of this team. 

As a life coach, performance coach or executive coach, how can you provide enhanced support to your mentees as we all navigate this ‘new normal’? Can you embrace technology to enhance the experience of your clients and augment your face-to-face interactions? Is it possible to scale your own coaching practice without compromising your level of service and impact? 

Personal coaching session - two women at table

Why myhaventime is an essential tool for any high-performance coach

As the world moved to remote-work so too did coaching services. Prior to the pandemic many coaches preferred to conduct their sessions face-to-face as often digital channels proved inadequate. 

Coaching at any level is complex. It is about asking, listening and empathising. It requires a heightened level of awareness and observation to capture and interpret the subtle cues, gestures and expressions in addition to the topic of conversation. This data must then be woven into considered findings, actionable insights, and advice. 

It is difficult to conduct this level of coaching on platforms that are not purpose-built. Similarly, spreading communication across multiple channels and mediums hinders the impact and effectiveness of your sessions. 

Understanding the need for such a nuanced channel, myhaventime was developed by executive coaches Sarina Sorrenti and Sam Pitruzzello who together have a combined 20 years of leadership coaching and strategic consulting. myhaventime was first conceptualised as a means to support their own coaching practice; to augment face-to-face sessions and deepen the experience of their clients. 

As we all moved to digital correspondence and remote work, Sarina and Sam identified the growing need for a channel to facilitate effective, secure and impactful remote coaching. Individuals needed coaching and guidance more than ever, and myhaventime provided a much-needed space for coaching, learning, growth and personal and professional development. 

Tools for remote work and digital coaching

Using myhaventime for conscious communication

“When you coach as a leader you don’t need to be the expert. You don’t need to be the smartest or most experienced person in the room. And you don’t need to have all the solutions. But you do need to be able to connect with people, to inspire them to do their best, and to help them search inside and discover their own answers.” - Ed Batista for HBR

myhaventime is a digital tool for life coaches, performance coaches and executive coaches to deliver blended coaching services. Whether it is used to support face-to-face consultations, or as a part of a digital coaching program, myhaventime is a multifaceted platform that enables real time communication, efficient and focused work, conscious collaboration and shared content. 

Within the application, your client can access your coaching material at any time, and you can share tools and insights with them in real time. You can correspond with your client using the myhaventime chat functionality, ensuring that all communication is consolidated in the one platform and not lost in inefficient and simplistic communication channels like email or text.

Over time, your shared space with a client will become a rich, nuanced and secure archive of correspondence, session notes, resources and insights which they can access anytime to support their immediate and ongoing personal and professional development. 

Tools for effective coaching 

myhaventime’s inbuilt habit tracker and learning coach can allow you to set coaching goals with your client. Between sessions, they are gently reminded to stay focussed and committed to your work together.

Plus with such a rich archive of material from your sessions, both you and your client are able to reflect upon and review progress over time. All sessions, coaching goals and performance are measured and documented in one secure team room.

Even after coaching concludes your client can maintain their myhaventime profile in order to access the extensive archive of performance metrics, resources, reflections, guidance and feedback from their time with you. It is this enhanced experience that nurtures long-term relationships with each of your clients and keeps you connected should further coaching be required in their future.

myhaventime’s innate efficiency allows you to work better and smarter with each client, allowing more room for sustainable growth of your own practice. 


Using myhaventime for your own deep learning and development 

As a coach, it’s important to diversify your own learning and stay informed with best practices and industry updates. When investing so deeply in others, your own development can inadvertently fall to the wayside. 

Outside of use with your clients, myhaventime is a powerful tool to support your own lifelong learning and professional development. Employ myhaventime’s best tools - the myhabit tracker, virtual learning coach, journaling function - to maintain and encourage your own learning and personal growth experience in order to provide a deeper, more informed service for your clients. 

Be an integral part of someone’s A team and help them achieve sustained, impactful, enriching personal and professional development with myhaventime. 

Experience myhaventime’s best tools with our mindfulness+ membership plan, free for 14 days, and discover first hand how myhaventime can help you and your coaching clients learn and grow sustainably. 

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