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Living in a time where the world is experiencing the worst pandemic in over 100 years it is essential that each of us can find hope, create solutions and practical strategies for a sustainable life.

Each of us will have our narratives of the impacts of 2020 -2021. Whether we experienced hardship first hard or were less affected by the world’s events, it would be a waste if we didnt take the opportunity to mindfully learn from these experiences to better our lives and our collective impact on our world.

We created myhaventime during lockdown. Our scheduled work abruptly stopped. We were home and as a family - husband, wife and teenage daughter and Jack Russell dog. In this unlikely environment we had space to imagine, ideate and develop a new concept. myhaventime is a product that came out of necessity and a dream.

Our big dream is to help people be all they can be. This translated into creating a platform to help people be more mindful, more creative and more focused to increase learning and performance. 

Why? Well, from our own experience consulting to businesses, organisations and high performing individuals over the years, we discovered that many people's lives were usually filled with distractions and a pervasive sense of 'busyness'. A ‘busyness’ that led to little value and dysfunctional unconscious habits. Our purpose has always been to help people and businesses be their best in a sustainable way, myhaventime simply enables this in a leveraged and more efficient manner.

As our team continues to use the myhaventime platform both for work and personal projects, we wanted to share our own experiences using myhaventime to live more mindfully, create without boundaries, and focus for learning and performance.


I have journals, files, bits of paper, white boards, idea boards in my work office, home office, bedside table, apps, files on my laptop and Evernote. My ideas were scattered and spread over too many mediums to be organised, reflected on and built upon. 

myhaventime now houses my creativity into my most important topics for me - Ideas for Business, Poetry, Ideas for Mother & Daughter Fun, Band Room, Ideas for Travelling, Inspiration. 

Any time I come across a creative gem I add it to one of these rooms. I can add links, photos, documents/files or simply type in the idea. The best part about this is I can reflect back on the idea and build on it. This has amplified my creativity - I am more organised, thoughtful and innovative. I no longer feel that pain of losing or misplacing or forgetting my creativity. Life is more fun and rewarding.


All of my favourite folders, journals, apps, files, documents scattered in too many places and devices. myhaventime has helped me focus on what I want to be. I have created rooms on different career options, different university courses and their ATAR requirements that all best meet my strengths and talents. My other rooms include Shopping, Friends, Music, Event Planning,Travel Planning. I even use it for Year 10 to save my favourite links and docs on each of my school subjects. This helps me keep focused, saves me time and helps me be more productive.


Before myhaventime my creativity was a hard slog, disorganised, hard to find and the clutter and mess was demotivating. I use myhaventime to research music technology which helps create another hobby business, Archer K. I now have a space where I can easily capture new ideas, inspiration and then the space to reflect on this and add my own insights and then apply it to real life learning. I am more creative now that I have been for years. I am developing lifelong habits that enhance my interests, hobbies and creativity.


As a freelance graphic designer and marketer my role is broad and varied — from crafting artwork in Photoshop, to copywriting, to web design. Though much of this work is considered ‘creative’, the irony was that the more I worked, the less creative I felt. I put this down to the fact that after a long day working within the parameters of a brief, I had little creative or cognitive bandwidth left to create for the sake of creating or the pure joy of exploring something new. 

myhaventime has taught me the virtue of learning and creating without the overlay of deadlines, briefs or professional justification. To live a whole, enriched and meaningful life, it’s important that we stay curious, create and play, without an underlying need for professional growth or achieving goals. 

In myhaventime I’ve created rooms for a number of topics I’ve been exploring lately: a gratitude journal, conceptualising a wellness retreat, trip planning, and a lifestyle vision board. None of which pertain directly to work but all of which make me feel more inspired, motivated, uninhibited and mindful.

Find yourself again. Reconnect to your creativity, joy, passions and interests. Find your purpose and give yourself the mindful space to focus, create, learn and perform.

Try myhaventime free for 30 days.

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