Top 3 Innovation Lessons Learnt

My innovative partner (and husband Sam Pitruzzello) and I have a constant in life - we love dreaming up new ideas. Early on we had an ideas board we would physically pin ideas and let them percolate. Some ideas never got off the board, some turned into concepts and Betas, some turned into commercial businesses and all helped us grow. Some of the growth was not pleasant but with time it is always enriching. The physical board has turned to a virtual room we use on our myhaventime app.

Even myhaventime was an idea that was born over a decade ago. It took COVID 19 lockdown to have the space and time to take it from an idea to concept to beta and now to a fully developed App that supports personal and professional growth and development, which we us in our coaching and advisory businesses.

So here are the top 3 lessons we've learnt about innovation:

1. The first idea can be a bridge to a better idea. myhaventime app started off as a tacit knowledge app then moved to a personal development app including an e-commerce offering. The learning we acquired through this has enabled us to develop another new business offering - Archer K Music has been a dream in the making for many decades. It combines our love of music, electronics and delivering exceptional customer service.

2. When it becomes too hard - back off. In a number of our businesses when we felt we were pushing too hard to get the idea or business working - it was a clear sign to stop. Sometimes you have the best intentions with the wrong timing/partners/business environment. Navigating a new financial planning business in 2008 was a great example of this. I will always remember our 3 year old daughter painting black clouds, we asked her what her paintings meant and she told us that 'mummy and daddy are lost'. That was a huge wake up to change our focus. We divested that business and moved onto another much more successful enterprise.

3. You are not your idea. Be light and hopeful and not overly intense and stressed. You are not just your business or your idea. Purpose, creativity, service is in all that we are and do, not just through our business identity. This is one I have only learnt recently. Our myhaventime gift packs range became such a joy to experience. Providing care, love, support inspiration to others is not just my professional identity it is all I hope to be and do.

Innovation is a roller coaster ride, an adventure with many twists and turns. Surround yourself with great people, be open to evolving keep perspective and enjoy the ride.

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