Winter Reflections

As the last traces of winter days fade away, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new season. In nature, it's a time of rebirth and renewal, and just like the natural world experiences a transformation, so do we. Spring is a powerful reminder that, much like the earth, we can shed our layers and embrace the warmth of new beginnings. 

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the lessons learned during the last season and explore how they pave the way for personal growth and renewal as we transition into spring.

June Thoughts & Reflections

Life can give us surprises if we notice. 

My garden is still blooming roses in winter. This is the first year I have noticed. There is so much right in front of our eyes. We often tune out, too busy operating in automatic pilot. Blindspots take over, blinkers are secured, and reality is biased.

This is your reminder to be conscious today and really see what is right in front of you.

Life is long. Be awake and live well.

The word charge has many, many meanings. 

When I am fully charged I have greater capacity to be, to give, to create, to lead and to live. There are places and people that recharge me and places and people that drain me. Be conscious of the energy you give and receive. 

  • How do you recharge your life? Reflect on a typical day. How do you charge up your day to be your best?
  • How do you ensure your daily energy is maximised to create and lead? 
  • How do you charge up your teams, your home, your friends, your community?
  • What charges you up, and what drains you? 
  • What energy brand do you have?

Music, nature and breath work are great ways to recharge.

Find great practices to maximise your best life.

July Thoughts & Reflections

The higher we evolve, be it Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or David Hawkin’s Levels of Consciousness, the better we feel about ourselves, each other and the kinder we are to one another. 

The higher we evolve, the less we take from the world and reduce our individual self interest and we give more for the collective good. 

What does our earth need more of? Takers or givers? Competitors or Collaborators? Please be conscious of your intentions in life and how your thoughts and actions impact yourself, your organisations, your families and future generations. 

What energy are you giving the world? Life is not linear. It is multidimensional, and we humans have the capability to create a better world if we choose to. 

No matter what level of consciousness you are evolving at, you can awaken and choose to keep navigating and creating the best you can be. Choose well.

Life can have many obstacles. Sometimes, they are pebbles and other times, they are boulders.

When life gets too hard, and you are surrounded by too much resistance -pause, yield and reset. Find a new path where there is flow, and you can be all you can be. Recognising the best environments for you to grow and the wrong ones to let go of is important. Find your tribe, people who have your back. Respect your adversaries and understand their reach.

Know when to fight, know when to fold. Life is long - live boldly.

When do you feel your best? Where are you? What are you doing? 

Most of us feel our best when we are closest to nature. Are you energised by oceans or rivers, forests or deserts, bushland or gardens?

When we feel our best, we tend to be our best. When we walk in nature, swim in the ocean, or cuddle our pets, we are filled with dopamine and serotonin happy drugs that lift our moods and inspire us.

Is nature incorporated into your creative workspace? My office is drenched with sunlight, and my large window frames a sky view and swaying trees lining my local community. My home office faces our sky deck, surrounded by my backyard of blooming bottlebrushes, lemon trees, olive trees, pine trees, rosemary and sage bushes.

I consciously choose these views and spaces to have a bigger expansion of consciousness and strategic perspective. Some of my clients are choosing walking coaching sessions in nature to be more present and inspired.

Nature is awesome, it amplifies our energy. Create your space to be your best.

August Thoughts & Reflections

Are you taking a Birds Eye view of your life, team, family, organisation or community?

Step above the day to day and take a view from your strategic balcony. See the patterns and insights that emerge. Lift yourself above the day to day and reflect, understand and design your best way.

This year has provided me with plenty of opportunities to pause and be more present. It feels like the last 7 months have been a long winter to rest and reflect and resign myself to healing and letting go. 

I had a mini existential crisis.

My mini existential crisis was dark, gloomy, cloudy and very needed. I had lost my centre, my purpose and was back into auto-pilot action addict, consuming myself with compulsory activities and starving my heart and soul of meaning. The ‘compelled’ actions had risen, my boundaries became blurred, and suddenly, I was no longer the centre of my world; I had splintered into many pieces spread too widely.

As part of my mini existential crisis, I started to rethink living with a purpose vs. living purposefully. Purpose definition is the reason for which something exists. Purposeful definition is showing determination and resolve. I realised I lived purposefully and had lost my ‘why’. When you are super action oriented and a high achiever, you have plenty of determination and resolve. The act of completing something off your list can be close to euphoric. The more you do, the more you want to do. The motivation grows, and suddenly, you have lost your purpose, self-care, and self value.

This has been a repetitive narrative in my life.

Today, I am consciously living and writing a new chapter in my life. My purpose has always been to be light and help others shine their own light fully. So now, before I rush into action land, I ask myself, is this fuelling me or depleting me? Energetically, how am I feeling, and how best am I amplifying my own light to be all I can be.

Check in with your own life narrative. Is it fuelling you or depleting you? Step back and reassess and remember your purpose and the ‘why’ find your centre.

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