Why myhaventime?

In our age of mass-information, stimulation and connectivity it takes conscious effort to avoid the white noise in order to acquire exceptional knowledge, think deeply, and explore ideas. 

It is the lifelong learners and high achievers who are doing just that and have long been searching for a calm, uninterrupted space to support their continuous learning, thinking and ideation.

myhaven team rooms allow for collaborative learning
myhaven provides a space to securely store knowledge which would otherwise sit untapped across multiple devices, or be forgotten amongst a busy day. 'Rooms’ are created in myhaven to house this knowledge, and content can be added in any format - images, videos, documents and websites.

By easily assembling their best insights into one secure location, it allows lifelong learners to store and expand upon their knowledge and creativity over time. Whether myhaven is used for work, study or personal learning it accelerates professional development and personal growth by providing a space for deep thought and ideation.

It is in this uninterrupted, information-rich environment that the most valuable insights can be created.
myhaventime is a mindful multimedia platform designed for those who seek new knowledge and have a desire to learn in their personal and professional lives without distraction or intrusion. It is for those looking to use their time efficiently to continuously learn, ideate, create and grow.

myhaventime provides a calm, intuitive space to store knowledge, insights and files that would otherwise sit untapped or unused across multiple devices or, worst yet, be forgotten. 

Consolidating their best knowledge, insights and resources into one secure location allows the lifelong learners and high achievers to accelerate their learning, professional development and personal growth. It eliminates time spent locating resources, whilst also expediting and enhancing the learning process.
It is in this intuitive, uninterrupted and information-rich environment that the most valuable and efficient learning can be had.

With functions such as teams for collaboration and myhaventime’s in-built learning coach, the learning experience is enriched with the input and support of others. 

In order to focus, learn, reflect and ideate it is important to eliminate distractions. As such, myhaven is intentionally minimalist and secure - meaning there is no advertising or data sold to third parties. 

For the lifelong learners and high achievers or those just beginning their learning journey, myhaventime is your place to grow.