Capture creativity and focus your mind

myhaventime is a mindful multimedia app designed to capture your creativity, help you focus, learn and perform.
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myhaventime is a place for productive lifelong learning

Personal & Professional

myhaventime is designed to support lifelong learning through a productive personal and professional development app.

Our in-built learning coach will encourage your progress on personal and professional projects.
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myhaventime is a place for creativity and curiosity


myhaventime is a place to consolidate and synthesise your ideas in an innovative creative app.

Journal, mood board or jot ideas in real-time with myhaventime.
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myhaventime is a place for deep work, focus, and thinking without distraction


myhaventime is designed for optimal productivity and deep focus. An app with no distractions.

A simple, intuitive interface allows you to think, focus and work optimally without advertising or algorithms!
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myhaventime is a mindful multimedia platform to collate all of the files that inspire big ideas


myhaventime is an app that captures and collate images, documents, files and links that inspire your big ideas.

All common filetypes are accepted and stored securely in myhaventime's content management system.
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What makes myhaventime different?

Feature myhaventime Google Docs iCloud OneNote Dropbox Evernote Pinterest
Personal AND professional use x x x x x x
Content management system x
Multimedia uploads x
In-built learning coach x x x x x x
NEW In-built habit tracker x x x x x x
In-built chat x
Collaboration functionality
Journal functionality x
100% secure* x
No advertising** x x x
No claim over content license x x
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Give mindfully this Christmas

Introducing our NEW mindfulness+ gift boxes — a beautifully curated gift box that contains sustainable, local products to heighten your consciousness, creativity and focus to be all you can be.

It is the perfect gift for a loved one, friend or colleague (or to enrich your own personal growth and learning journey).

Available for our myhaventime community members who are looking to share more thoughtful, local, sustainable and inspiring gifts.

Unique learning for personal & professional growth

myhaventime is an app that accelerates insightful learning. myhaventime provides focused time for personal and professional passions and priorities.


Our new myhabit Tracker is a tool designed in consultation with high performance coaches to help you set goals, form habits and achieve your full potential. Habits take focused energy, time and practice to form.

Tips & tricks

Discover all of the new release features to make your myhaventime experience even more productive and seamless.

myhaventime in use

'Since using myhaventime I reflect and journal more, have grown my knowledge on my favourite interests which has led to my own personal growth and more positive impact on my family and work colleagues.'

Emily, myhaventime user

'myhaventime teams has been productive and efficient to work with my coaching clients all our resources, communication in 1 team room to build upon, reflect and learn and grow.'

anthony, myhaventime user

'Especially in these lockdown times myhaventime teams has allowed me to connect with friends, share fun ideas, events experiences and plan things together.'

Sandra, myhaventime user