Your personal haven for learning, reflection and creativity

myhaventime is a digital platform to grow, reflect and be your best.

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A place for your vision, habits, learning and ideas

myhaventime captures your ideas, knowledge and life goals. Over time this helps you grow and perform at your best. Your personal haven for your wellness and wisdom.

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Design & plan your ideal life

myhaventime is completely secure, with no advertising or data sold to third parties. All of your knowledge is safe.

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Personal, private space

myhaventime’s interface is intentionally simple and visual, allowing for uninterrupted focus for learning and deep thought.

  • Explore the things you love
  • Discover your purpose
  • Build healthy habits
  • Journal and reflect
Why myhaventime?

Grow, reflect and manifest your best

myhaventime is designed specifically for organising, prioritising and planning your self development and lifelong learning.

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Myhaventime features

myhaventime provides personal organisation and planning to help you reach your goals

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myhabit tracker

Designed in consultation with high-performance coaches, myhabit tracker helps you set goals, form habits and achieve your full potential.

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myhaventime habit tracking app
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Vision board app

Add affirmations, intentions and dreams to visualise and focus your best life.

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myhaventime digital vision board app

Virtual coach

Your myhaventime virtual coach will prompt you on a regular basis to consciously capture your favourite learning and insights. Tell your myhaventime coach how often you would like to be reminded about capturing your insights and also the best question you would like to be asked.

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Myhaventime in use

A place to focus, work, learn and create

See myhaventime being used for personal development, professional development, coaching and mentoring:

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“’myhaventime gives me a calm environment without any distractions, influencers or ads. I can just focus on my authentic self”


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“’myhaventime is my own time to implement and achieve my goals.”


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Expand your creativity and growth

Avoid overwhelm and use our clever tools to capture and explore ideas, accelerate learning and enjoy lifelong learning.

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Give mindfully

Introducing our NEW Wellness gift boxes — a beautifully curated gift box that contains sustainable, local products to heighten your consciousness, creativity and focus to be all you can be.

It is the perfect gift for a loved one, friend or colleague (or to enrich your own personal growth and learning journey).

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