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Create your own online coaching experience for maximum impact

Grow your professional coaching business by creating personalised and secure online coaching rooms for each client, to guide them to success.

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How it works

A digital tool for life coaches, performance coaches and executive coaches to deliver blended coaching services

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Coaching Rooms

myhaventime provides a secure space for a Coach and Coachee to conduct their coaching program. It can be used as part of a digital coaching process AND to support face to face coaching programs.

Online coaching and goal setting with the myhaventime app

Keep coaching on track

Coaches and Coachees can set coaching goals, share progress on actions, chat in between coaching sessions and measure performance all in one secure coaching room.

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Grow your business

Create a secure, on-line professional and impactful coaching experience for all your clients.

myhaventime app

Grow, reflect and manifest your best life

myhaventime is a mindful multimedia app designed to capture creativity, help you focus, learn and perform.

A visual habit tracking tool

Avoid distraction and feeling overwhelmed by tracking all your habits in one place. Focus on what's most important.

Support every step of the way

  1. Focused learning pages
  2. Schedule your learning and receive gem reminders to stay on track
  3. Be inspired by the myhaventime blog
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myhaventime in use

"myhaventime helps me be a better Coach

From a personal development point of view myhaventime captures my on-going learning and development. I am a better Coach providing a more enriching quality experience to my clients. We set up coaching goals, share references and chat all in 1 secure team room. This has been beneficial in maintaining long term relationships with my key coaching clients.”

Jodi, myhaventime user

"I’ve had a deeper, enriching coaching experience

“Setting up my coaching goals and then 6 months later reviewing my thinking and progress helped me have a deeper enriching coaching process that has helped me immensely in my personal and professional life.”

Carl, myhaventime user

Start growing your coaching business today

Developed by high performance coaches, myhaventime is a tool to help you provide impactful coaching and cultivate long-term relationships with your clients.