Personal & Professional Development App

A secure place to capture your best practices to learn, focus and grow

myhaventime is designed to support and encourage lifelong learning through clever tools and an active learning environment.

myhaventime personal online space for innovation gemsmyhaventime online innovation room with images and a summary of the book 'A thousand brains'
How it works

A digital platform to capture, create and develop your ideas and knowledge

myhaventime personal online space for innovation gems

Personal learning rooms

Create your own personal, customised rooms with your favourite topics, knowledge, interests and passions.

myhaventime online innovation room with images and a summary of the book 'A thousand brains'

Curate your Gems

Collate your best information and knowledge on one platform in your secure rooms. Actively reflect and journal insights while building new skills.

Team communication and chats in the myhaventime app

Share & Collaborate

Create groups to share knowledge and ideas, collaborate with group members and communicate via the chat function.

Myhaventime features

Grow, reflect and manifest your best life

myhaventime is a mindful multimedia app designed to capture creativity, help you focus, learn and perform.

A visual habit tracking tool

Avoid distraction and feeling overwhelmed by tracking all your habits in one place. Focus on what's most important.

Support every step of the way

  1. Get support from myhaventime’s virtual coach
  2. Receive gem reminders to stay on track
  3. Be inspired by the myhaventime blog
myhaventime app screenshot of a personal space

myhaventime in use

"myhaventime helps me be a better Coach

From a personal development point of view myhaventime captures my on-going learning and development. I am a better Coach providing a more enriching quality experience to my clients. We set up coaching goals, share references and chat all in 1 secure team room. This has been beneficial in maintaining long term relationships with my key coaching clients.”

Jodi, myhaventime user

"myhaventime gets me into a clear headspace

I find it challenging to learn when I am enticed by social media, notifications and other stimulation. myhaventime helps me get into a clear headspace to absorb new information, consolidate resources and synthesise learnings into new ideas.”

Toby, myhaventime user

Own your personal and professional development today

Developed by high performance coaches, myhaventime is a tool to help you reach your full potential.