Who are we

Imagine a quiet place away from all the noise.
A place to pause, reflect, ideate, create, learn and just be you.
Sarina Sorrenti and Sam Pitruzzello have been working on this place for over a decade. During the Covid lockdown with the help of their daughter Siena Pitruzzello and their dog Bella myhaventime was created.
Sarina and Sam have led Engage Consulting Group for over 20 years. It is one of many businesses they have together created and operated. With their many years of experience working with high performing leaders to support individual and business growth, myhaventime was founded to help people focus and create for a more impactful, successful, conscious and fulfilling life.
Sarina and Sam are lifelong learners with many passions and interests. Between them they have a plethora of knowledge and life experience stored in their heads, home, office and devices. Over the years talking to clients at Engage Consulting Group, they found this situation wasn't uncommon.

Most of us store ideas, resources and inspiration with no rationale... How can we learn, grow or build upon our knowledge if we don't know where to find it?
Sarina and Sam decided to build a better solution for managing our ever growing knowledge in order to focus and learn more effectively.

And so myhaventime was created.
myhaventime team having a meeting outside


myhaventime is proud to align and collaborate with partners and organisations who share a similar commitment to expanding and enriching the lives of individuals and organisations in a sustainable manner.
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Our purpose is to help people focus and be creative in a sustainable way. As conscious business owners we are mindful of how myhaventime impacts our planet and aim to create a sustainable business that leaves a positive impact on our earth. We support environmental, social and wellness causes. Our partnership with Greenfleet Australia is an example of this.
myhaventime’s 2021 partnership is with Greenfleet Australia. 
Through Greenfleet Australia myhaventime has donated a Milestone Forest. Planted in Victoria on the land of the Dja Dja Wurrung people, this Milestone Forest is a 0.1-hectare native forest (the equivalent of 5 tennis courts) that will be restored and legally protected for up to 100 years.

The myhaventime team

Headshot of Sarina Sorrenti, Founder of myhaventime

SarinaSarina is passionate about helping people and businesses be all they can be.

Sarina is an experienced strategic advisor, executive coach, author and investor. She loves to learn and her creative hobbies include writing poetry, yoga, martial arts, dancing, walking her dog Bella, travelling and experiencing new adventures and fun.

Sarina is passionate about wellness, self-care and living a conscious life. Sarina volunteers with FareShare, is a patron for Give & Glow and an ambassador for Thankyou.

Sam Pitruzzello Headshot

SamSam has been involved in the electronics and information technology industry for many years, a passion that stemmed from his love of the electric guitar since childhood.

After a decade in the corporate world, Sam started his own company with partners, and has been involved in many businesses the latest being myhaventime.

Sam is passionate about helping Australian start-ups scale their business and invests in leading innovative companies. Sam serves on the Board of a not-for-profit disability services organisation and supports charitable organisations.

Siena Pitruzzello Headshot

SienaSiena, has been instrumental in the ideation of myhaventime. A truly creative soul, Siena reminds us of the importance of pursuing bold ideas and exploring diverse creative outlets.

Though she is working through her final years of high school, Siena remains balanced by making time for her music, she loves playing the drums, piano, guitar and bass, and spending time with her friends.

Andras Puskas Headshot

András András has over 30 years experience in the IT industry from Software Development to Project Management in Australia, Europe and in the Asia Pacific region. Andras works with myhaventime in the development and ongoing optimisation of their application.

Headshot of Isabella Stranges, myhaventime team member


Isabella is working with myhaventime on their digital marketing activities including creating social content, blog posts and eDMS.

Isabella loves to use myhaventime to store all the knowledge and inspiration to grow her creative side, and also enjoys using it to easily collaborate with the team while working remotely.

Headshot of Ashley, Webflow designer for myhaventime

Ashley Ashley is our Webflow Expert who maintains the myhaventime website. Being based in North East Victoria, Ashley loves using myhaventime to communicate with the team remotely and to stay on top of website and content updates. 

Sophie van der Drift headshot

SophieSophie is currently on maternity leave from her marketing role at myhaventime. With a goal-oriented personality, myhaventime allowed Sophie to rediscover her love of learning, without self-imposed pressures of ticking off a list and meeting deadlines.

Louie Scarpari Headshot

LouieLouie provides advisory to myhaventime to grow their community through thoughtful and innovative digital strategies

Bella Jack Russell Terrier

BellaIs a very active and enthusiastic Jack Russell Terrier. She loves to play, go for walks, protect her family, play soccer and eat.

Bella is a very important part of the myhaventime team, as she reminds us to consciously work smart, play hard, rest well and always be curious.