Tips & New Features

myhaventime is a space to curate your extraordinary knowledge, learning and insights. Discover our latest tools to elevate your experience.

Here are some of our new release features to make your myhaventime experience even more productive and seamless...

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myhabit Tracker

We're so excited to introduce our new myhabit Tracker, a tool designed in consultation with executive coaches to help you set goals, form habits and achieve.

Set a new goal, specify your weekly commitment, and watch as you grow and reap the rewards of your effort over time. For each week that you achieve your goal you will amass gold stars, helping you visualise your progress and stay on track.

myhabit Tracker can be accessed via the side tab in your personal rooms anytime.

Seamless navigation

We've launched a new and streamlined navigation system so you can get to where you want to go even faster. Our new pop up will appear when you login. Select personal rooms or teams rooms and off you go.

Customise your tool tips

Customise your myhaventime experience by toggling on and off the boards, tool tips and videos you want to see (or hide). Simply visit the new preferences section to set up your myhaventime room — just as you like it.

Adding new content

We refer to our very best knowledge, resources and insights as gems.

We've recently updated our upload process to make it even simpler to capture your best ideas and content, or gems, in realtime. To upload a gem, enter your room and click 'Add content''. Here you can upload your files or insert a URL to websites, videos or documents from the web. You can also journal directly into this space and click save.

Need help?

We have tried our hardest to make myhaventime simple and intuitive, however if you're unsure about any functionality please email our friendly support team here.