Case Studies

The case studies below illustrate how myhaventime has been used in professional, educational and personal environments to create efficiencies in workflow and communication, to support collaboration and creative thinking and to facilitate ideation and lifelong learning. Discover how myhaventime can benefit you.

As you will discover, myhaventime's broad functionality, from journaling and habit tracking to content creation, can be used in many contexts and across industries to enrich personal development and professional growth. A built in virtual coach and scheduling function ensures that you stay on track to reaching your goals. With simple, intuitive design, you can, focus, work, learn and create without advertising or intrusive algorithms. myhaventime is a mindful multimedia app designed to help with creativity, focus and learning. No matter what your profession, passions and hobbies are, myhaventime can help you be the best you can be. So, how will you use myhaventime?

A myhaventime team member writing in a notebookMarketing
Samara is a successful marketing consultant who works with multiple clients, on multiple projects, at any one time.
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Three people in a workshop, looking at a whiteboard with post it notesEducation
Ben is a teacher who, like most in his industry, works long hours (including evenings and weekends) in an interrupted and unpredictable environment.
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The myhaventime team holding a meeting outdoorsMentorship
Caleb works as a professor in a leading Melbourne university. As a longstanding member of staff within his department, he’s considered a thought-leader and is therefore highly sought for his knowledge.
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A myhaventime team member writing in a notebookStudents
Siena is a high-school student, a year away from graduation and beginning university. As she contends with the pressure of her final year at school
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