Three people in a workshop, looking at a whiteboard with post it notes

Education Case Study

Ben is a teacher who, like most in his industry, works long hours (including evenings and weekends) in an interrupted and unpredictable environment. Despite a schedule of classes, meetings and administrative work his day is often commandeered by colleagues and students seeking guidance and support from a trusted mentor. 

The interpersonal nature of Ben’s role requires considerable empathy and emotional intelligence - abilities that Ben has honed in his many years of teaching. Through this dialogue with his peers and students, he feels he has amassed tactic knowledge and a unique set of tools to educate and support others. Much of this is tacit knowledge, gained through experience and difficult to articulate or document. 

As an experienced member of the teaching staff Ben is regularly asked by colleagues for advice on curriculum, lesson planning and resources - often followed by a lengthy face-to-face discussion and search for files on the school intranet, his physical filing system or on his laptop. 

With a busy workload, administrative tasks such as teaching, are often delegated to outside of hours or weekends, which means less downtime to pursue personal interests and self-directed learning. 

Ben needed a way to alleviate the repetitious, inefficient communication and collaboration with colleagues whilst still supporting their work and sharing valuable information. Less time spent conversing with peers will allow for time to document and expand upon the very tacit knowledge (resources, tools, insights) that they seek to understand. 

Further to this, efficiencies in the workday means more administrative tasks can be completed, making space for personal interests and growth outside of work. 

Ben now uses myhaventime to store his tacit knowledge in an organised, secure and easily accessible location so his best ideas can be revisited and developed over time. He has created multiple rooms in his myhaventime account, some for personal interests and his own professional development, others for educational resources to be shared with colleagues. 

Enabling the team functionality in a given room allows multiple users to access the content within. Instead of repetitive and lengthy conversations with colleagues, Ben simply provides access to the team room where his peers now access all of the information they require. Ben and his peers now use team rooms for collaboration, creative thinking and the sharing of new knowledge.

With the rise in distance education and off-site learning, Ben is beginning to use myhaventime to share resources and engage in dialogue with groups of students by creating a team room where everyone can contribute or access the media inside. 

With less outside-of-hours work required since using myhaventime, Ben has more time to invest in his personal growth and interests. It’s tempting to stagnate on a well-deserved day off, but as Ben is a lifelong learner with multiple interests, he’s activated the myhaventime Virtual Learning Coach to remind him to add to his rooms on a regular basis.