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Build your dream life, one habit at a time

Designed in consultation with high performance coaches, myhabit tracker helps you set goals, form habits and achieve your full potential.

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How it works

Build motivation and momentum in life with a visual habit tracking tool

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1. Set a goal & frequency

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2. Track multiple goals

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3. Celebrate your progress

See myhabit in action

It’s now easier than ever to build better habits and achieve your goals using myhabit tracker

myhabit tracker

Helping you with positive habit formation for long term success

myhabit tracker is a feature of myhaventime, a mindful multimedia app designed to capture your creativity, help you focus, learn and perform.

A visual habit tracking tool

Avoid distraction and feeling overwhelmed by tracking all your habits in one place. Focus on what’s most important.

Support every step of the way

  1. Get support from myhaventime’s virtual coach
  2. Receive gem reminders to stay on track
  3. Be inspired by the myhaventime blog

Make habit forming fun and positive

Use myhaventime to list wins, establish positive behaviours and make lifelong learning fun!

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myhabit tracker in use

"Returning to life after lockdown, I need my good habits more than ever to remain balanced.

Breaking bad habits and replacing them with good habits is a constant work in progress. Lockdown provided the time to dedicate to new habits that help me grow, like journaling, yoga and learning new ideas. As I eased back to life after lock down, my good habits started to slip, myhabit tracker helped me remember to keep my habits a priority.”

Angela, myhabit user

"myhabit tracker is a great reminder to focus on habits that are best for me.

I use my habit tracker daily to track my morning routine of meditating, walking the dog and working out. Setting up my goals and visually checking them off each day is reinforcing and rewarding.

Elizabeth, myhabit user

Start your journey towards lifelong learning today

It takes between 21 - 60 days to form a new habit. Habits need conscious focus and attention. Start today with keystone habits that can help you live your best life.