A holistic approach: using myhaventime for professional and personal use

Last week we had someone ask us whether they should be using the myhaventime platform for personal or professional use. As we use myhaventime daily both in work and personal pursuits we hadn’t even considered the platform would be used exclusively for one or the other!

Almost every app or software on the market is geared towards either personal or professional use - which explains the query above. However unlike other applications, myhaventime is a platform with features designed to facilitate growth and learning in both aspects of life. myhaventime is a platform to focus and to be all of your authentic self. Rather than have many different apps to work on your separate personal and professional priorities, myhaventime is the one platform that houses all of you.

Based on the conventional 40 hour work week we spend over 20% of our week working. No matter how delineated work and life are, or how healthy our work-life balance is, the two are never entirely mutually exclusive.

What we learn in the outside world may inspire our projects, productivity or even management and communication styles in the workplace. Likewise, the strategies and skills developed on the job can permeate our personal lives in an impactful way.

The bottom line is that personal and professional growth is synchronous and interdependent.

That is why myhaventime is holistic.

Built in conjunction with executive coaches who recognise the need for growth and investment in all aspects of life, myhaventime is made for diverse learning and development.

As an illustration this article explores myhaventime’s key tools and how they can be used in both personal and professional contexts.

Are you yet to use myhaventime? Join us on a free trial now so you, too, can experience each of these tools and the opportunities they present for learning, creativity, focus and growth in real-time.

myhaventime teams

No matter your subscription level, all users have access to myhaventime teams. It is a place for teams to form and work towards a shared purpose, guiding principles and collective measures of success. Invite-only team rooms allow for members to collaborate, share resources and build ideas in a safe and secure space. Chat functionality allows for real-time dialogue and collaboration. 

In a professional or educational context myhaventime teams can be used by colleagues or peers to contribute to a project, consolidate resources and inspiration. Chat functionality facilitates discussion in a fully secure space away from the distractions that are commonplace on other platforms. 

Our own myhaventime team has staff working remotely across Australia, so we rely on myhaventime teams for project management, documentation, to archive our body of work, and for dialogue on all aspects of the company from marketing to business development. 

Outside of a professional context, myhaventime teams have been used by friends, families and communities to contribute to projects or for planning purposes. For example, the collective research and planning for an upcoming holiday. Users with shared interests can collaborate for the pure joy of learning and creativity - using the space to share images, videos and other media to inspire one another.

myhabit tracker

Our newest feature, myhabit tracker, is a tool designed to help you set goals, form habits and achieve in a sustainable and productive way. A visual tool, the myhabit tracker allows you to map progress over time to build motivation and momentum.

Though we suggest starting with one or two, you are welcome to create and work towards building any number of habits - both for personal and professional growth. That could look like ‘meditate for ten minutes every morning’ or ‘complete one LinkedIn Learning module every week’.

As we established above, growing in one area of our lives will inevitably affect the other. Habit-forming in general requires considerable discipline, which is why we developed myhabit Tracker to help you achieve and be the best version of yourself.

Looking to learn more on habits? See our article Changing the trajectory of our lives with keystone habits.

In-built Learning Coach

Our in-built learning coach is a powerful tool designed to encourage regular contribution to your projects, interests or for lifelong learning.

Simply specify your prompt (e.g. “What have you learnt about Visualisation for Data Analysis?”) and frequency (daily / weekly / monthly). You will then receive a learning coach email at your preferred interval prompting you to consciously capture your favourite learning and insights.

This is useful in a professional setting when you intend to invest time in mastering a new skill or honing experience. Likewise, it can be used to prioritise personal projects or interests which (as we all know) can fall to the wayside when work and life becomes busy.

Multi-media upload

As a holistic platform, myhaventime naturally supports the upload of all commonplace file types with its multimedia content management system. 

Whether you are in a team room or secure personal space, myhaventime allows you to capture and collate the images, documents, files and links that inspire and inform your projects and big ideas. This creates a richer learning experience and substantial archive of diverse resources to tap into when working on a project, exploring an interest or investing in your lifelong learning. 

Another way to upload is our journal functionality, which allows you to capture ideas and thoughts in real-time. Journaling can be used in meetings or work environments when ideas are abundant and require immediate documentation. 

In a personal context however, this tool can be used for more traditional journaling and reflection, as well as to capture the invaluable ‘aha moments’ before they slip away for good.

Whether you are using myhaventime for personal or professional use, all content is 100% confidential and secure within the platform. The contents of your myhaventime are only ever accessible to yourself and those who you invite for collaboration.

Feeling inspired to learn, grow and ideate holistically? 

Experience all of myhaventime’s best tools now on a free trial.

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