Why myhaventime?

myhaventime is the only mindful multimedia platform designed for personal & professional growth and lifelong learning.
myhaventime is designed specifically for organising, prioritising and planning your personal and professional life. myhaventime uniquely focuses on personal passions and professional pursuits. With its diverse features and functionality, myhaventime will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. From the built in virtual coach and scheduling function to group collaboration feature, myhaventime ensures that you stay on track to reaching your goals. With simple, intuitive design, you can, focus, work, learn and create without advertising or intrusive algorithms. There are no ads on myhaventime, your data is safe and secure on personal pages with sharing only available in groups and there are no algorithms tracking your activities.
myhaventime is a place to reflect & planmyhaventime provides a space to capture your ideas, resources, journal entries and notes — uploadable in any format. Over time this forms a comprehensive library of knowledge that can be built upon, learnt from and reflected on for personal & professional growth.
myhaventime is a space for curiositymyhaventime is a platform for meaningful exploration of the things that enrich our minds and inspire us. It is for the impactful pursuits of lifelong learning, personal & professional development, curiosity and creativity.
myhaventime is a calm environmentmyhaventime’s interface is intentionally simple and visual, allowing for uninterrupted focus for learning and deep thought. There is no advertising, algorithms that recommend content or distracting notifications to distract from your learning, creativity and deep thought.
myhaventime is fully secureUnlike social media platforms myhaventime is completely secure, with no advertising or data sold to third parties. myhaventime fosters authentic engagement with friends, colleagues and family.
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*Does not share or use your data outside of your use in the application
**Including internal advertising to upgrade for services and/or third party advertising