Why myhaventime?

myhaventime is the only mindful multimedia platform designed for personal growth, lifelong learning and the collective expansion of knowledge.

Unlike other platforms, myhaventime is designed specifically for the expansion of knowledge, exploration of interests and earnest pursuit of lifelong learning. myhaventime is used by both individuals and teams as an unparalleled tool for ideation, collaboration and creation.
myhaven team rooms allow for collaborative learning
myhaven provides a space to securely store knowledge which would otherwise sit untapped across multiple devices, or be forgotten amongst a busy day. 'Rooms’ are created in myhaven to house this knowledge, and content can be added in any format - images, videos, documents and websites.

By easily assembling their best insights into one secure location, it allows lifelong learners to store and expand upon their knowledge and creativity over time. Whether myhaven is used for work, study or personal learning it accelerates professional development and personal growth by providing a space for deep thought and ideation.

It is in this uninterrupted, information-rich environment that the most valuable insights can be created.
myhaventime is a place to store knowledge 

As a mindful mutli-media platform, myhaventime provides a space to collate your ideas, resources, experiences and notes — uploadable in any format. Over time this forms a comprehensive library of knowledge that can be built upon, learnt from or reflected on for enhanced personal growth. 

myhaventime is a space for curiosity

myhaventime is a platform for meaningful exploration of the things that pique curiosity, enrich our minds and inspire us. It is not merely an app for optimisation or ticking goals. It is for the impactful pursuits of lifelong learning, personal development, curiosity and creativity. 
myhaventime is a calm environment 

myhaventime’s interface is intentionally simple and visual, allowing for uninterrupted focus for learning and deep thought. Without advertising, algorithms or distracting notifications, myhaventime is a uniquely calm space in which you can use your time efficiently to learn, ideate, create and grow. 

myhaventime is an antidote to social media 

Unlike social media platforms myhaventime is completely secure, with no advertising or data sold to third parties. myhaventime teams enables authentic engagement with friends, colleagues and family through collaborative rooms and chat functionality. Together you can contribute to mutual interests for shared and accelerated learning.

myhaventime is a tool for team engagement and building 

myhaventime teams provides a platform for teams to form and work towards a shared purpose, guiding principles and collective measures of success. Team members can be invited to specific rooms to ideate, collaborate and create.

What makes us different

Feature myhaventime Google Docs iCloud OneNote Dropbox Evernote Pinterest
Specifically designed for personal growth x x x x x x
Content Management x
Multimedia uploads x
Journal / notetaking x
Store inspiration
100% secure* x
No advertising** x x x
No claim over content license x x
Virtual Coach x x x x x x
Team Building and Engagement x x x x x x
In-built chat / messaging x
*Does not share or use your data outside of your use in the application
**Including internal advertising to upgrade for services and/or third party advertising