A myhaventime team member writing in a notebook

Case Study - Students

Siena is a high-school student, a year away from graduation and beginning university. As she contends with the pressure of her final year at school, Siena also makes time for her personal growth and creative interests - the most prominent of which is filmmaking. Having applied for a degree in screen and media, she feels it’s important to develop knowledge in this space before embarking on tertiary education.

Without realising, Siena is a lifelong learner. In addition to the readings and information consumed for her studies, she is constantly absorbing and processing information from the world around her, from which she develops fresh insights and ideas. 

Like many of her Gen Z peers, Siena alternates between multiple platforms and devices. All of her insights, ideas or inspiration can be found between her laptop, smartphone, social media accounts, school database, Google Drive or emails. Siena will often save an important file wherever is most convenient at the time. 

For someone who consumes considerable amounts of media in her continuous learning journey, and is constantly inspired by the things she sees, hears, watches and reads, saving files haphazardly means that when it comes to producing work — be it for school or her creative pursuits — Siena often has to sort through her multiple devices or wrack her brain to locate the file or note she needs. 

Siena also has a group of friends from other schools with whom she is working on a joint film project, due to be produced in the upcoming break. With the demands of their final year of school increasing, Siena and her friends have less time to meet for face-to-face collaboration and as a consequence the project has slowed. 

Siena now uses myhaventime as a centralised location to store key knowledge and learnings from school, collate information for projects, and store inspiration for her upcoming creative endeavours. 

By consolidating her best insights into one place, her learning and creative thinking process is more efficient as she no longer searches across multiple devices for the file she needs. It also allows her to collate insights and inspiration, so she can expand on ideas over time. 

Siena has created a myhaventime team room with her filmmaking friends from other schools for collaboration where they can easily share ideas, inspiration, chat,  and ideate. That way, when it comes to producing their collaborative film project over the holiday break, their thought process and groundwork is clearly documented in one space. 

Now that all of her best insights and ideas are consolidated, Siena spends more time on being creative and focused, and less time searching through her devices to find things.