A day in the Life of Caleb: Using myhaventime for continuous learning and collaboration

A professorship is an illustrious role, though few understand the multifaceted or demanding nature of the position. In this article we follow Caleb, an Australian university professor with a personal interest in audio engineering. We explore how Caleb uses myhaventime in professional and personal contexts to support his peers and students; collaborate with colleagues; and invest time in his pursuit of lifelong learning.

Though we are documenting a ‘day in the life’ of Caleb the reality is, like many professors, Caleb’s day is far from routine. He spends time both on-and-off campus, in and out of meetings and events, and working one-on-one with colleagues, students or fellow researchers in addition to work on his own papers.

Today, however, we start on campus. Early.

Professor using myhaven as a tool for professional development
Introducing Caleb, a professor, thought leader and lifelong learner.

Efficiently storing and retrieving important information

Caleb begins with a coffee and emails hours before most students arrive at the university for their first class of the day. With a day of back-to-back commitments and meetings ahead, uninterrupted time to review and respond to emails is critical.

There are emails from two PhD students requesting feedback on recently completed work. Caleb opens myhaventime and finds the rooms he had previously created for each student. In each room he securely stores insights, revisions, applicable studies he has found, or any other resources relevant to the PhD student and their research topic.

Collating this data in one platform provides a thorough archive of content. At a glance, Caleb can see the context and his students' thought processes that influenced their work before providing feedback.

After sorting emails and responding to requests for feedback, Caleb has a spare half an hour to prepare class material before back-to-back meetings begin at 9am.

Efficiencies in communication and collaboration

Caleb’s first meeting is with a PhD student, followed by a senior researcher and lastly a faculty member. In the last meeting, his colleague requested that Caleb share his resources on the application of artificial intelligence in a higher education setting - a particular topic she is working on. 

As Caleb recently published a paper on the topic, he is seen to be a ‘thought-leader’ on this particular topic within the university, and subsequently receives requests like this on a regular basis. 

For a cornerstone topic like the application of artificial intelligence, for which Caleb’s knowledge and materials are regularly sought, all resources can be securely stored in a myhaventime room with team functionality. Activating team functionality allows Caleb to share the room and its contents with colleagues.

This alleviates the time spent compiling and sending resources upon each request. Team functionality also means that Caleb’s colleagues can contribute to the room if they have feedback, a question, or a resource to add that will enrich the knowledge base. 

In this instance all communication is streamlined within one platform meaning less lengthy face-to-face dialogue and more efficient collaboration and continuous learning between peers.

Digital tools for remote work and workplace efficiency
As a thought leader in his industry, Caleb is sought by colleagues and students for his expertise and tacit knowledge.

A place for collaboration and ideation 

After a morning of meetings, Caleb breaks for lunch with a longtime friend and fellow faculty member. They discuss theories and the latest developments in machine intelligence. Both Caleb and his colleague belong to a group of knowledge enthusiasts from their department who explore these topics outside of work - usually sharing updates intermittently between emails and a group message. 

By setting up a team room in myhaventime instead, Caleb, his colleague and the other knowledge enthusiasts can collate their ideas, findings and industry news in one centralised space. Collectively they can collaborate, learn and expand upon their knowledge. 

After lunch, Caleb works on a paper with an impending deadline and undertakes some last minute preparations for his afternoon lecture to students on key algorithmic design paradigms.

He knows this is a complex topic, so he’s set up a team room to provide lecture notes, readings and resources to his students prior to the lecture. As it is a team room, students have the ability to contribute and collaborate on the topic at hand - posing questions throughout the lecture or adding their own material to further enrich the learning process.

Alternative to intranets to share resources with students
Caleb uses myhaventime to share information with his students prior to complex lectures and tutorials.

100% secure for confidential information

When the lecture is over, Caleb enters a series of afternoon meetings before preparing questions for an upcoming exam.

In doing so, he refers back to past exams that he has stored in a private myhaventime room. Unlike other platforms, myhaventime is 100% secure - with no advertising or data sold to third parties. Handling such sensitive documents and information, Caleb feels at ease knowing his information is securely stored.

After heading home, helping with dinner and settling into the quiet of the evening Caleb retreats to his home office to work on his long standing passion, audio engineering.

As a lifelong learner, self directed learning comes naturally to Caleb. He is intent on mastering the intricacies of sound production and so he regularly adds new insights and knowledge to his Audio Engineering room. Despite his best intentions, when work and life is at its busiest, his personal pursuits drop to the wayside.

Virtual learning coach can be used for personal growth and professional development
Caleb activates the Virtual Learning Coach to ensure he invests time in personal growth - even in the busiest of times.

To ensure he works on his Audio Engineering regularly, Caleb has activated the Virtual Learning Coach to remind him each day to document his new ideas for techniques and compositions, or to build upon the knowledge he’s already stored.

By using myhaventime, Caleb can more effectively and efficiently support, educate and collaborate with his colleagues and students. Using the built in Virtual Learning Coach, he now prioritises and regularly contributes to his personal interests - no matter how busy the work week is.

Do you work in a context where you’re often asked for advice or resources? Do you collaborate on projects with others but need a more efficient means of collating your ideas? How do you prioritise lifelong learning?

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