2023: Achieve More By Doing Less

What if you could do less and achieve more?

The New Year presents an opportunity to start fresh. A chance to reflect on ourselves and our environment and decide how we want to move forward and what we would like to achieve throughout the year. Let's not overload ourselves and set ourselves up for failure.

However, are we trying too hard to be successful? Goal setting can quickly become counterproductive if we create an endless list of wants and expectations for ourselves. Ultimately, our goals should enhance and complement our lives, not overwhelm them.

Finding The Balance

In her book, Do Less, Achieve More, Ching Ning Chu states:

"We fail to achieve our goals because we are trying too hard to succeed. The secret is finding the balance of effort and ease."

As you set your goals and update your Vision board for 2023, be conscious and intentional and go for quality rather than quantity. It's better to have a manageable and realistic list, as this gives you a better chance of achieving them. As Kate Northrup states, "When you do less, you do the things you choose consciously to do better".

How can you find the balance?

Tip 1 - It's Okay To Stop:

Create a list of all your practices and goals. Review this list, honestly. What ones no longer serve you that you can STOP? Don't go after those goals that don't enrich your life.

Tip 2 – Go After Energy:

From your list, reflect on the practices and goals that give you the most energy and return for your efforts. These are the goals you will be able to implement with ease into your life.

Tip 3 – Be Fair & Realistic:

There is no judgement when it comes to goal setting. They could be big or small, personal or professional, or just one or two. What matters most for each goal is keeping them focused on the positive impact they can have.

Tip 4 – Be Open To Help:

Make the most of the tools to help you do less and achieve more. In our coaching practice, for example, we wanted to find a way to provide a more personal learning experience for our clients that still allowed us to balance our time.

We used myhaventime for this practice and grew our business by 30% while working fewer hours!

Many new AI tools are available that you can use to help you to improve efficiency in your work practices. We are currently exploring https://chatgpt.pro/ and how it can help enhance our practices.

Tip 5 – Capture:

Paramount to goal setting is you write down what you want to achieve. Research states that you are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to achieve your goals if you can picture them or describe them in detail.

You can use the myhavetime Vision Board and Habit Tracker to capture your goals and keep track of your progress throughout the year.

Remember, goal setting isn't about how much you can do in a year. We only have so many hours in a day, and we must ensure that our achievements don't come at the sacrifice of our happiness. As Tim Ferris states:

"Doing less is not being lazy"

Success is not defined by how busy or stressed you are. Focus on setting realistic, manageable, and suitable goals for you. Why don't you experiment with the mantra to do less and achieve more? What would change for you?

To reflect and capture your goals, try myhaventime for yourself, free for 14 days. Register now!

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